1 Building my personal console.

The design and building of my console made up from A and B range trident .

click here for a look of the work in progress

trident A-range and B-range


2. We are helping fully restore a famous Trident A-range console.

The rebuild includes all the electronics and cosmetic .

Trident A Range


3. We restore classic 24-track machines on a regular basis.

This is some pictures of one of the finest machines ever made.

It is a Stephens 821-D

More pictures will be coming

Stephens 821-D

4. Converting old 300 ohm classic EMI Painton faders to usable 10k ohm faders with a log curve.

Painton faders

5. Custom classic 3 track hybrid.

Ampex transport and modified Berlant electronics w/sel sync.

3 track




Coming soon!




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