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Q. Why send the gear to the shop verses having us come there?


We have found for most major equipment rebuilding and repairs that

it is faster and, most of all, less expensive to ship it to us.

Some of the reasoning behind this stems from the difficulty in predicting all the parts and repairs needed.

When you ship your gear to the shop we have all the resources to tackle even the toughest rebuilds.

Allot of the components are very hard to find as most have been discontinued. This creates allot of sitting waiting for parts when I am on the road as well as expedited shipping costs. This can often change a 3 day trip to 6 or 7.

We are always willing to travel to the equipment. However, we have found most often it is faster to ship the equipment to us.


Q. How do I send the gear to you?


We have worked with many freight handling company's with great results.

You will be surprised how reasonable it is to ship an entire recording console or tape machine.

There are several avenues for insuring the safety of your equipment.

We work with independent insurance company's in insuring the equipment when

the shipping company falls short.

We will recommend several methods of safely packaging and transporting the gear.


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