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This is just a small list of what we manufacture . If you are looking for a special device or replacement part let us know.

************** CLICK HERE FOR A PRICE LIST OF MODS. *****************


1. +4dbm balanced to -10dbm unbalanced converters in models from 2 to 24 channel versions


2. -10dbm to +4dbm balanced converters. In models from 2 to 24 channel versions


3. Custom tube mic pre-amps.


4. Modify the classic Ampex 350 and 351 to outstanding mic pre-amps.


5. A wide selection in passive and active direct boxes. These vary from tube designs to using API and Neve style discrete op-amps.


6. We also manufacture audio transformers and custom active interface devices.


7. *** We have a large inventory of Ampex ATR 100 series parts ***


8. We are building custom remote controls for multi track machines!

Your old MCI or 3M remote giving up the ghost? We can custom design one for you .

Just some of the features offered :

a. Two tape counter read outs (large easy to see LEDS).

b. 10-20 location points.

c. Auto punch in and out.

d. Four loops for looping between any of the 10 location points.

e. Auto end of tape mode so you can not fast forward or rewind off the tape when this mode is selected!

***We also design interfaces to work with just about any machine.***


9. We offer some of the best high end signal path mod's for multi track machines.

Contact us for options for your tape machine.


10. Tube mic power supply stabilization.

We have modifications to extend the life of tubes in microphones. One of the killers of tubes is the in rush current of a cold filament. This causes physical distortion and when it is a directly heated cathode then it really causes problems. This also can be a major cause for tube micro phonics often caused by grid warping or mechanical instability. Another common reasons for short or poor tube performance is over voltage caused by to high of line voltage. Most of the mic's were designed around 1950-60 electricity 106-110 VAC. Today it is common to see 117-122 VAC coming from the outlet. All the voltages in the bias and plate circuits are usually not effected by the higher voltage but the FILLEMENT SURE IS! This causes the mic to burn much hotter and the inrush current is increased significantly. This causes shorter tube life and poor performance. Tubes used in the high end microphones are getting harder to find and more costly as time goes on. I have tube mic's that with these mod's that are going on 18 years.

Send us a list of tube mic supplies you would like recommendations on.


Coming soon:

Lots of pictures and other products, We are putting together a list of replacement parts we are offering for vintage multi-tracks. If you are looking for something for your multi track drop us an e-mail.


Here is an example of a custom side car made from Trident B range modules. We made this custom and made two 12 channel and two six channel versions.

If you need custom designs of classic electronics or a custom package for existing equipment

that is what we do. We specialize in discrete analog designs .


We also restore vintage tube gear!

We have done everything from vintage transmitters and broadcast gear to Fairchild compressors, vintage tube Studer and Ampex mix down machines and custom tube consoles. We also offer modifications to allot of older tube gear.

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